5 Best Apps for Editing Photos

Posted by Ashley Bavcevic on

Do you ever wonder how your favorite influencer always captures the perfect photo? There’s usually more than meets the eye, typically these photos are edited before they are posted.  Editing photos can be tricky, especially when you aren’t using the right tools. We at Internet Girlfriend want to emphasize that editing photos is for enhancing your beauty, NOT changing it. Here are 5 of the best apps for editing your Instagram photos!

1. Snapseed

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Snapseed is one of the most popular apps for editing photos. Snapseed has everything you need to edit your photos like selfie editors, filters, frames, and lighting effects. You can also crop and balance your images! The best part about this app? It's completely free!

2.  VSCO

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You’ve probably heard of VSCO as it is a photo-sharing app similar to Instagram. However it has a lot of cool features for editing your photos. With VSCO you can do everything from contrast, sharpen, saturate, tone, balance, to adding already made presets to your photos. It creates the perfect aesthetic for your photo. VSCO also has a free version but it costs $19.99 a year to unlock every feature and filter.

 3. TouchRetouch

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Do you ever take the perfect photo and then something in the background completely ruins it? TouchRetouch has you covered. This app allows you to upload your photo, highlight the problem spot, and then it will completely remove the spot from the photo. How cool is that! This app costs $1.99 to download.

4. Adobe Lightroom

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Adobe Lightroom is another great app for enhancing your photos. This app has plenty of features like fine-tuning of color and exposure, presets, and an object remover! There is also a variety of advanced editing tools available to create a beautiful photo. This app is free to download or it is $9.99 a month to unlock all of its features. 

5. Afterlight

PC: iPhone Photography School


Afterlight is a great app for all purpose editing like exposure, color, and sharpening adjustments. Afterlight has a variety of filters to choose from. You can even blend your own photos together with their double-exposure tool. They also have a tool for adding text and artwork! This app costs $0.99 in the app store and $17.99 a year to unlock all of its features. 


We hope this list of photo editor apps was helpful to you! Remember, you don’t need to use these apps to change your photos! They are for enhancing your photos and your beauty. Leave a comment and let us know your favorite apps to use for editing photos and what you want to see next from the IGF blog!