15 Self Care Tips to Make Your Day Better

Posted by Ashley Bavcevic on


Sometimes we have an off day, an off week, or maybe we’re just stressed about life. It can be hard sometimes, and it's really important to help yourself in those times the best way possible. Self care is such a simple yet extremely effective way to love yourself. Self care is important at any time. We want to stress that if you are someone who is struggling, it's okay to get help. These tips are simply for everyday use to give yourself a boost and a reminder that everything is going to be okay.

Drink Water


It's so simple, yet so necessary! Water not only hydrates your body, keeps your skin healthy, and delivers oxygen throughout your body. But it also has a proven correlation to your mental health. According to Healthline, drinking more water can enhance your mood and reduce anxiety.



Take 5-10 minutes out of your day and meditate! Quieting your mind can give you the calm state of being you’ve been searching for. Meditation is the perfect reminder to yourself that you deserve peace and serenity. 



Journaling is a great release. Writing down your thoughts, goals, feelings, and anything else on your mind is a good way to help quiet your mind and get rid of those racing thoughts. You may even find it to be something you want to do every single day!

Take a Walk


Getting outside and moving is always peaceful for the mind. Go and enjoy the sun and the outdoors. You will see how good it feels just to leave the house!



Stretching is such an easy way to relieve tension from your body, and it will only take you 5 minutes! Stretching helps your body heal and prevent stiffness and pain. It’s also super calming for the mind. Stretch daily, your body will thank you later!

Get Some Sleep


Sleeping helps us recover. We need sleep to provide us with energy to be able to take on the day. I know it's not always easy to sleep, but remember that you deserve rest and there will always be time to do it. If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, try napping when you have an extra hour or two during the day. Being well-rested will bring much peace to your day.

Take a Shower


As simple as this one sounds, it is a great daily boost for your mind and your body. According to the Wellness Workdays journal, your daily shower can increase energy, release endorphins, and decrease anxiety. It is another great place to let your mind relax and feel the love you’re giving your body. 

Say No


Sometimes we get caught up in our busy lives and feel obligated to say yes to everything. Remember, it's okay to decline and say no when you need a break. If you can’t take on that extra work assignment, don’t. If you are too exhausted to go to that event, don’t! It is completely okay to say no!

Make a Smoothie


As weird as this one may sound, you might want to try it! Smoothies are a simple way to replenish and give your body the nutrients it needs. Natural foods and supplements are proven to help increase your mood. Try a smoothie with greens like spinach or kale, your favorite fruits, chia seeds, and your preferred milk substitute. Taking care of your body is the ultimate form of self love!

Take Yourself On a Date


Who knows you better than yourself? Spending time with yourself is not only a great form of self care but also a great form of self discovery. Enjoy your favorite hobbies, go shopping, take yourself to dinner! Do anything you enjoy doing, just with yourself! You will begin to value and enjoy your alone time a lot more.

Have a Spa Day


No, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for this one. You can have your own spa day right at home! Give yourself a facial, take a bath, or do your nails. Maybe a spa day to you is just sitting at home in your robe all day, and that's okay! As long as you are relaxed, do what makes you feel good.

Order Takeout From Your Favorite Restaurant


Another one that seems so simple but may make your day! Sometimes self care is just eating your favorite takeout, and that’s just fine. Enjoy yourself and don’t take shame in doing so!

Listen to a Great Playlist


Do you ever hear a song that instantly puts you in a good mood? Music is used to help us connect with our emotions. Some music makes us feel sad, some makes us feel powerful, some makes us feel angry. Try putting on the music that makes you feel happy, motivated, and uplifted.

Get a Workout In


Exercise releases endorphins which helps to make you feel good. Getting in just 30 minutes of activity a day can improve your mood and make your body feel great. Exercise is an awesome form of self care that has so many long term benefits. If you’re not into doing a traditional workout try dancing, yoga, hiking, swimming or anything that gets your body moving! 

Take a Break From Social Media


Social media is a great way to connect with others, but sometimes it can be a toxic environment. Remember, what you see on social media is not always reality. We typically only see the highs in people's lives, not the lows. It's okay to take a break from it all, you won’t miss anything important if you do. Sometimes self care is getting rid of things that may be altering your perception. You may want to try it for just a day or two, it could end up helping tremendously.
We hope you enjoyed our list of self care tips and we hope you try some of them out! Remember, if you are someone who is seriously struggling it is always okay to get help. Let us know in the comments if you try any of these tips and let us know your favorite form of self care!